Being Data Driven

Making decisions based on data, analysis, and interpretation, rather than emotion, intuition, or gut feeling is an individual and/or organizational trait that I value dearly. Some of my lowest moments have been emotional, gut-felt decisions and actions stemming from them. On the other hand, some of my best, have all been data-driven in one way or another.

Daily Scrap Ratio Data

I started playing with data when I first got my hands on MS Access, Microsoft’s database product. I believe it was version 1.1 or 2.0. Wanting to work with the database and the data within, I would try various projects even though I knew they would not pan out. I then switched to Linux from Windows the minute I came across one of those FTP dumps on CDs, which meant I started playing with Postgres, now PostgreSQL. Ultimately, I have a long-standing relationship with the LAMP stack, which entailed MySQL. I built a web app to keep track of roll stock for the production of PS foam trays. Fun little project 🙂

I have used data to make decisions in the food distribution, food packaging, and education industries for the most part. On a personal level, as a dad, I learned to make data-driven decisions while tracking my son’s education using a Verbal Behavior Approach to the best of my abilities. 😉 Hard to keep the emotions out on that one.

Using data I have tried to figure out the best delivery routes, optimize stock levels, and facilitate ongoing improvement in manufacturing and educational settings. My goal for this site will be to use data-driven content to share some of what I have learned along the way and lend a helping hand to those up and coming.