John Serra

About Me

Some of you know me from the packaging industry, others as a teacher. I am also interested in and work with data, software, and internet technologies. The phrase “Jack of all trades…” comes to mind. It is used to refer to a person who deals with many skills, rather than gaining expertise by focusing on a single skill. This saying is often continued with “… is a master of none”, insinuating that you do not master any of them. It all depends on your perspective really. I prefer to be a generalist, trying to reach a competent level in the skills and usage of resources that can be integrated to form a more powerful solution, rather than specializing in one certain field.
In most of my assignments, I have tried to integrate various resources and people with various qualifications. Since I think that in order to collect the parts of a whole and make them functional, it is necessary to understand all of them to some extent, I aim to reach a level of competency, while keeping my eye on the whole. So, I guess, my specialty is integration.